Individual Coaching Programs

Wondering if individual coaching is right for you? Read below to get a better understanding of my process and the individual coaching programs I offer. If you have questions after reading the information below or are ready to move forward and set up your first session, contact me and let’s get started!

Coaching Process

My coaching process is designed to help you prepare and execute a successful job search. Before we dive in, we’ll talk about your specific situation and needs to determine what to focus on. I generally work with clients through the three phases below, starting with foundational work to clearly define your strengths and direction before updating your resume and other materials and then preparing for interviews.

In between meetings, you’ll have access to my comprehensive set of reference materials and templates and you’ll complete assignments I give you. I’ll also provide written feedback and edits to your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile outside of our meetings, ensuring we can use our meeting time to work on the most time sensitive or complex issues that are top of mind for you.

While we usually work through the stages below in order because they build on each other, I understand that each client is different and that the job search doesn’t always follow a linear path – so if you have an interview come up or need to send out a resume right away, we’ll tailor this process to meet your needs.

 1. Define Your Direction: we’ll create or update your job search strategy and develop your unique career story, highlighting the experiences and accomplishments that are most relevant for your next step. We’ll also create a tailored job search plan that you’ll execute on moving forward, so that you use your time most efficiently to get results.

2. Update Your Toolkit: we’ll update and tailor your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to match the roles and organizations you’re targeting. We’ll ensure that your materials reflect current best practices and that they tell a clear and compelling story that will get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

3. Nail the Interview: you’ll learn strategies to successfully anticipate and prepare for tough interview questions, and conduct a comprehensive practice session to immediately improve your interview skills.

Individual Coaching Programs

  Laser Focus: Strategy or Mock Interview Session Express: 3 Session Package

Full Service: 6 Session Package

*Best Value*

Best if You want to try out coaching or you have very specific, targeted needs, such as preparing for an upcoming interview You know the types of roles you want to target and need help refining your strategy and materials You are considering multiple paths or making a career transition and want support around all aspects of your job search



One session (60 or 90 minutes) Three sessions totaling 3.5 hours Six sessions totaling 7 hours
Also included Email support between sessions

Access to full library of coaching materials and templates

Written edits and feedback on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Email support between sessions

Access to full library of coaching materials and templates

Written edits and feedback on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

Cost $250 for 60 minutes


$375 for 90 minutes

$750 or $400/month for two months $1300 or $450/month for three months

Ready to

Individual Coaching FAQs

What can we accomplish in the time we have?

Sometimes it’s hard to know how much support you’ll need – I get it! Here is a little more detail on what we can cover:

In 1 Laser-Focus session we can:

  • Do a high-level review of your strategy or materials and identify immediate areas for improvement, or troubleshoot specific issues or questions you are having in your search (60 minutes)
  • Do a more in-depth review of your strategy or materials, or a comprehensive mock interview session (90 minutes)

In the three session Express program, we can:

  • Create your job search strategy and career story and do a high-level review of your materials OR
  • Refine your job search strategy and do a more in-depth refresh and update of your materials

In the six session Full Service Program, we can:

  • Create or refine your job search strategy and career story
  • Do a more in-depth refresh and update of your materials
  • Do a full mock interview session

What if I need more sessions?

If you need more sessions or support after we finish our package, we can continue working together on an hourly basis. Many clients find it helpful to stay in touch and have brief accountability check-ins as they continue their job search, or to get support in preparing application materials or for specific interviews.

What if I don’t end up needing all the sessions in the package?

Sometimes clients land a job before we’re finished working together – that’s great! If we’re less than 50% of the way through our program, I will be happy to refund you the remaining balance. If we’re more than halfway through, you can use the remaining time at any point over the next six months or donate it to my “pay it forward” program to help another job seeker in need.

Ready to get started? Get in touch to set up your first session.

Still have questions? Check out my General FAQs page, or contact me and I’ll be happy to address them.