Job Search Bootcamp Participant Page

Welcome to Job Search Bootcamp!

I’m so glad you’ve decided to jump in and join me and a great group of other job searchers for a fun and action-packed six weeks.

This page will serve as your go to resource for general information related to the Bootcamp. Please bookmark this page so you can reference it during and after the program. You’ll also be referencing my library of coaching materials and a set of folders for your specific Bootcamp group in Google Drive, which are both linked below.

Program Outline and Assignments

Here is the outline of what we’ll cover each week and your homework for each session.

Documents and Materials

All program documents are housed in Google Drive. There are two main places you’ll be accessing information:

  1. The coaching resources, templates and materials folder. There are six subfolders aligning to the topics we cover each week, where you’ll find all the worksheets, templates, and other resources you’ll use during the program. You may copy documents into your own individual Google Drive folder or download them to make edits.
  2. A folder for your specific Job Search Bootcamp group. Only the members of your group have access to this folder and it’s where you’ll find information specific to your group such as everyone’s contact information and an individual folder for each member where you’ll store copies of your completed worksheets and other materials.