Job Search Bootcamp

 Stand Out. Get Hired. Do The Work You Love.

I got new energy and self-confidence after taking your class. I feel better about my networking, negotiation, and interview skills in a way that I could not have done alone.”

– Michelle W.

Program Overview

Job Search Bootcamp is a six week small group coaching program designed to help social impact professionals kick start or reinvigorate a job search.

For two hours each week, you’ll meet with me and a small group of other job searchers to build your skills in each step of the job search process.

In between sessions you’ll complete assignments and check in with your accountability partner to ensure you’re making progress. At the end of the program, you’ll have a 30 minute individual career coaching session with me to ensure you’re fully ready to tackle your search.

In addition, you’ll get the option of additional discounted individual coaching sessions after the program ends, lifetime access to a shared online group for discussion and support, a growing network of program alumni, and a set of job search guides and templates you can use now and for future job searches.

Bootcamp is designed for professionals with approximately 10-20 years of full-time work experience and an interest in doing work that has a positive social impact in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors.

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What You’ll Get

If you join Job Search Bootcamp and complete all assignments, within six weeks you will have:

  • Goals and a plan for your search, to help you structure your time and work smarter not harder
  • Accountability and support from an expert coach and peers going through the same experience
  • Motivation to get started on your search or move forward on a stalled search
  • Clarity and confidence in knowing what you’re looking for and how to tell your “career story”
  • Tools to help you stand out and get hired: a revamped resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter
  • Proven tactics to help you succeed in behavioral interviews and feedback to improve your performance
  • Practice and tools to negotiate job offers and ask for what you want with confidence

In addition, you’ll get:

  • Insights from a career coach and recruiter who knows the nonprofit, public, and private sectors
  • Templates and assignments to help you implement proven strategies right away in your search
  • A peer network and relationships you will rely on far beyond the program
  • A 30 minute individual coaching session and a special discount on individual coaching after the program ends

Why Group Coaching?

Group coaching is an excellent way to get many of the same benefits you would get from individual coaching at a lower cost and with the added bonus of meeting and getting support from a small group of like-minded peers. Groups are limited to six participants so that they are small enough for plenty of discussion and you’ll have opportunities to partner with and get to know everyone else in the group.

Who It’s For

Job Search Bootcamp is a good fit for you if you are:

  • A mid-career professional with approximately 10-20 years of work experience and a desire to launch or re-energize your job search
  • Interested in doing work that has a positive social impact in the private, public, or nonprofit sector
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and can commit to spending at least 5 hours per week working on your search (and possibly much more!)
  • Excited to build a network of like-minded peers and open to giving and receiving honest feedback

Program Outline

Each week, we’ll cover a different job search topic, with time for discussion, Q&A, and feedback. You’ll also complete assignments and give/get feedback from peers in between sessions.

1Define Your Direction

Developing your search strategy and goals

2Tell Your Story

Identifying your strengths and  “career story”

3Activate Your Network

Networking strategy and tools

4Create Your Toolkit

Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles

5Nail the Interview

Interview strategy, practice, and feedback

6Negotiate the Offer

Negotiation strategy and best practices


Spring 2018 groups are now full.

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Job Search Bootcamp groups are offered in person in Seattle and virtually via the Zoom video meeting platform. Groups are intentionally kept small, from 6-8 participants, and tend to fill quickly.

If you would like to be added to a waitlist for a group that is full or you are interested in a future date beyond what is listed below, please fill out this form and I’ll notify you as space opens or new groups are scheduled.

May 2018 – FULL

Dates: May 10th – June 14th

Time: Thursdays from 12:00-2:00 Pacific

Location: Virtual via Zoom videoconference

Early Pricing Ends: April 25th

April 2018 – FULL

Dates: April 24th – May 29th

Time: Tuesdays from 12:30-2:30

Location: Impact Hub Seattle

Early Pricing Ends: April 11th


Cost includes 12 hours of in person group meetings, one 30 minute individual career coaching session and discounted one on one coaching after the program ends, lifetime access to course materials, and inclusion in a growing alumni network.

Early Pricing: $475           

Regular Pricing: $550

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Questions? Please see the FAQs below. If your question isn’t answered there, please get in touch.


Bootcamp is an effective program no matter where you are in your search; it will help you prepare to launch a search if you’re about to get started or “reboot” your existing search if you’ve already gotten started. If you’re a planner, it’s great to do the Bootcamp a month or two prior to kicking off your active job search. This will allow you to do the foundational work in the program such as updating your resume and LinkedIn profile and preparing for interviews, so that you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you’re ready to launch an active job search.

No, you definitely don’t need to know the exact job title you want (if you did, this whole process would be a lot easier wouldn’t it?). Many participants find that their ideal role becomes much clearer during the program and sometimes it ends up being different than what they thought coming in, which is fine. However, to get the most out of this program you should have some sense of what you’d like to do next, even if it still feels a little fuzzy. That’s because we move quickly and we don’t spend a lot of time on doing the reflection and exploration that you may need if you are truly at a crossroads and completely unsure about what you want to do next. If that’s your situation, you may want to consider working with me or another coach one on one to get clearer on your direction and goals before doing this program.

The Bootcamp covers similar content and gives you access to the same templates and materials as my individual coaching program, but there are a few important differences between this program and individual coaching:

  1. It moves more quickly and is not as tailored: Bootcamp is a six week program, and we move through a new topic every week. It’s purposefully designed to cover all the content you need for a successful job search in a short timeframe to give your search a jumpstart. Because of the fast pace of the program, we can’t alter the curriculum specifically to individual needs; that said, a significant portion of our meetings is devoted to group discussion and Q&A when you can raise the specific questions you have, and you’ll also be getting individualized feedback during the pair activities we do in sessions and from your accountability partner outside of sessions. We also have an online group where you can ask questions and get feedback from me and others in the group.  
  2. It helps you tap experience and insights from a broader group: One of the unique benefits of group coaching is the learning, support, and accountability you get from others. While you may not have encountered a particular situation before, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else in the group has, and can share their experience and insights with you. The group discussions we have are incredibly rich and are often cited as one of the biggest benefits of the program.
  3. You’ll build a community of other job seekers: While individual coaching is more tailored to your situation, it’s just you and me. Through joining the Bootcamp, you’ll have a group of supporters, cheerleaders and partners who will support you in your search even after the program ends. Job searching can be a lonely and isolating process – but it doesn’t have to be! Joining the Bootcamp is an incredible way to boost your energy and confidence through meeting others who are going through the same process. As you go through the ups and downs of the search, you’ll know that you have a team of like-minded colleagues to support you, no matter what.

If you would prefer not to work in a group model or have circumstances that you feel need more tailored support, I also offer individual coaching either instead of or as a complement to the Bootcamp. If you are interested in this option, please review the details of my three month individual coaching program and contact me to set up a brief consultation so we can explore working together.  

In short, not much! While of course it’s a different experience not being together in the same place physically, I strive to create a very similar experience for participants in the virtual group. This is not an online course that you take by yourself (because what’s the fun in that?!). Our weekly meetings are held live on the Zoom video platform and we’ll cover all the same content, activities and exercises as the person groups. You will still be assigned an accountability partner to check in with weekly, and we’ll learn, celebrate and build community virtually. More and more work is being done virtually these days, so if you haven’t had the chance to do video meetings before, this will also be a great skill to learn to prepare for your next job!   

Regardless of where you are in your search, it’s important that you are able to devote significant time and energy to the program when you join. You should plan on spending at least 5 hours a week on meetings and outside work, and likely more than that if you are already actively job searching. If you can’t realistically make that commitment right now, consider doing the Bootcamp at a later date; you can sign up here to be the first to learn about future programs.

I do periodically offer evening sessions. If you are working full-time I also encourage you to check out my virtual Bootcamp program, which you can participate in from anywhere with a strong internet connection. You will still need to take a break during the day to attend meetings, but you won’t have to travel anywhere which may make it a possibility even if you are currently employed. If you know you can only participate in an evening session, please let me know right here so I can be sure to contact you when my I have the dates for my next evening program

Because we have a small group and only six meetings, attendance and participation in group meetings is very important. If you know that you will need to miss one session, I can accommodate that and will let you know in advance what we’ll be working on during our  meeting and how you can complete the work on your own. If you anticipate you will need to miss more than one meeting, it will be best for you to participate in a future group that is a better fit with your schedule. Sign up here to find out when new groups are opened.  

Not yet! However, if there is enough interest I may offer additional groups for professionals who are earlier or later in their careers. Please share your interest with me here and I’ll keep you updated on future groups and programs that would be a good fit for you.

This is highly individual and depends on many factors, including the type of role you are looking for, how significant a career transition you are making, how much time and effort you put in to your search, and how closely you follow the strategies we discuss in the program. This is hard work and there is no magic bullet! That said, participants who are engaged in a consistent, strategic job search during and after the program most typically land in new roles within about 2-4 months after completing the Bootcamp.  

First of all, you’ll have a team of job search buddies who will be incredibly excited for you! If you land a job during the Bootcamp, the expectation is that you will complete the program, as the skills we cover will be valuable and applicable for you throughout your career and will help you rock your future job searches. If continuing to participate presents a scheduling issue for you due to your new role, we can discuss your individual situation at that time.

This is definitely an option and can be helpful to supplement the work we do as a group; Bootcamp is a great way to get all the fundamentals down so we can then focus more on your individual situation and needs during individual coaching sessions. You will receive one 30 minute individual coaching session after the program ends, and if you’d like more support beyond that you will have access to discounted individual coaching for three months after the program ends.

A full refund is available up to two weeks before the Bootcamp begins. After that time registration fees are not refundable, however if you identify someone else who can participate in your place and who I also agree is a good fit for the program, you may transfer your registration until one week before the Bootcamp begins.

Bootcamper Feedback

Bootcamp was the best time and money I have spent in a long time. For anyone who is in the midst of or even thinking about a career transition, this is such an exceptional opportunity to refine your thinking about who you are and what you want and to develop and communicate a compelling case for why prospective employers would want and need you on their teams.”

– Becky S.

The job search process can be incredibly daunting. The structure that Erin brings to this process and the support from fellow job searchers is invaluable. It helped me reflect on my job search as well as my career as a whole.”

– Stephanie S.

Before the Bootcamp, I felt stuck. I had been submitting applications online and doing little to no networking. I was particularly frustrated when I was rejected for a job I applied to that I thought I was a perfect fit for. My confidence was shaken. Now, I feel empowered and knowledgeable about job searching. As a result of the Bootcamp, I have a catchy LinkedIn page and a one-page resume that highlights my skills and value. Bootcamp empowered me to think differently, bolster my network and create a path to pursue my goals.”

– Abby B.

Erin is a skilled facilitator and networker who knows how to coach people through their hesitancies and uncertainties about the job search. The homework and exercises she provided were top notch and very useful for clarifying goals and problems. She’s an unwavering cheerleader for people to find their best selves in work that’s meaningful for them. I would highly recommend her Bootcamp.”

– Toni H.

I feel like the job search process has been demystified! I am now more able to articulate my own professional background and goals. I identified issues with my resume and cover letter that I didn’t even know existed, and have since fixed them. I flipped my LinkedIn account from something I despised and didn’t understand to a more controlled and polished networking tool. And I feel much more prepared & confident going into job interviews.”

– Jessica L.

The Bootcamp provided a space for me to develop a clear idea of who I am as a professional and to share that in a succinct way. The intense self examination of my values, my worth, and my skills has been invaluable to me and given me a renewed sense of possibility and opportunity in my job search. Within three weeks of starting the Bootcamp, I had my first interview in nearly two years for a job I felt truly matched my skills and values.”

– Heather P.

Prior to the Bootcamp, I felt stuck in my search. I was unsure of the direction I wanted to focus on and the effectiveness of networking. Through the process of working with Erin and our group, I was able to identify companies that I would like to work for and dispel negative assumptions about networking, and I now feel much more confident about that aspect of the job search. Resumes and LinkedIn were de-mystified, and I now have a framework of what works. There were so many valuable things I learned through this program, it is tough to choose just one.”

– April M.

The small-group format of Erin’s Job Search Bootcamp was refreshing and helpful. We quickly felt comfortable sharing our experiences and giving each other feedback; through Erin’s professional guidance and our combined networks, several of us began landing interviews within a few weeks. By the end of the Bootcamp, I had a new job! If you’re a mid-career nonprofit professional who’s feeling “stuck” in your job search, I highly recommend signing up.

– Nicole G.

When I first learned about Job Search Bootcamp, I was feeling defeated, unfocused and unsure of myself as a professional – even with an extensive professional background! The group process and accountability, individual assignments and ongoing encouragement helped to turn all of that around. I was successful in recreating my job search material, narrowing and focusing my networking and outreach, and regaining confidence in my skills and abilities. I highly recommend this group to anyone going through a career transition, relocation or even if you just need a career reboot and shakeup!

– Lauri B.