Careers for Social Impact
Careers for Social Impact
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Hi, I’m Erin

I help people get great jobs and organizations hire great people.

As a career coach, I demystify the job search process for social sector professionals and help them find and land jobs they love. As a recruitment consultant, I help growing mission-driven organizations hire, develop, and retain the people who will grow their impact.

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What Clients Say

I can’t recommend Erin highly enough! I struggled with the job search for several months before meeting Erin. She helped me focus my job search strategy and update my marketing materials so I could network with confidence. I wish I had hired her months ago!
Shawn L., Sustainability
I enjoyed working with Erin to put together a job search strategy. She helped me completely rethink my achievements and revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile. If you're looking to kick-start your job search, I highly recommend Erin’s expertise.
Sarah A., International Development NGO
Making a career change can be a challenging and confusing time. I often went into our meetings unsure and filled with questions, but Erin always listened intently and provided sound advice and recommendations on active steps to move forward. After following her recommendations I landed a great job. 
Eli R., Business Owner to Private Sector Startup
Erin is extremely organized, clear, and personable. She has a nuanced understanding of the many moving pieces in job searching–from networking and interviewing to resumes and cover letters. This is the woman you want by your side as you find your professional path.
Jessica L., Nonprofit to Business Owner
Meeting with Erin was the best investment that I made in myself this year. I was unprepared for moving from a nonprofit to working for a large business. Erin helped me completely change my marketing materials and improve my interviewing skills. Her experience as a recruiter and coach really shows.
Jane L., Nonprofit to Private Sector

Latest Posts

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Give Yourself a Year-End Career Review With These 4 Questions
December 20, 2017
There’s lots of research out there about the benefits of regular reflection and journaling. I don’t do as much of it as I’d like, and that’s something I want to work on in 2018. But I do periodically take time to write things down, and it’s always interesting and instructive to go back...
What Recruiters Think About Phone Interviews (But Probably Won’t Tell You)
What Recruiters Think About Phone Interviews (But Probably Won’t Tell You)
October 11, 2017
In my career as a recruiter I’ve done hundreds of phone interviews. Now that I’m a career coach, I share the same advice based on this experience over and over again with my clients. Why are phone interviews important? In a typical recruitment process, organizations select 5-10 candidates...
Why I Hired A Coach, and What I Learned
Why I Hired A Coach, and What I Learned
August 11, 2017
I recently worked with a business coach. “Why would a coach need to hire their own coach?”, you may be asking. For the same reason a doctor can’t treat herself of course! I had come to a point where I was feeling stuck with some decisions I had to make in my business, and I knew I needed help.

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